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My first book is scheduled for release in October of 2018 by Seventh Street Books. It is currently being pitched at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Wish me luck! Retired Army Pathologist, Dr Harper draws upon his experience in death investigations and world-wide military service to craft historical fiction from various eras. His first work, A Knife in the Fog, is a "What if" look at the Ripper murders, using a young Arthur Conan Doyle and Professor Bell, Doyle's model for Sherlock Holmes, as "Consulting Detectives" to the Metropolitan Police Department in search for the man voted, "The Worst Briton Ever." Currently at work on his second novel, tentatively entitled "Queen's Gambit," it is a tale of an Anarchist plot to assassinate Queen Victoria during her Diamond Jubilee celebration. His heroine from the first novel, Margaret Harkness, leads the charge to save the Queen! His short story, "The Red Herring League" won Honorable Mention in the annual Short Fiction Break contest for stories under 2,000 words. You can check it out at:http:/​/​​the-red-herring-league/​

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Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Arthur Conan Doyle hunts Jack the Ripper within the ill-lit slums of the East End.

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